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Numerology Reading

What to expect...

Are you curious about your life path and destiny? Would you like more clarity on your path? Would you feel more empowered if you knew what your destiny was in this life? Numerology works as a roadmap to support our life. Using your name and birthdate, I'm able to calculate an in depth numerology reading that will support you moving forward. I lean into my Shamanic view and connection when looking at the numbers as they relate to your life path, destiny, purpose and desires. The numbers help to uncover what can be hidden and help bring a sense of clarity so you can live your best life. Numerology can help support you to: Feel more empowered to fully live your life Have a deeper understanding of your life path Map out your destiny Give you direction towards a fulfilling career Uncover your hidden talents and strengths Help you understand potential pitfalls Guide you to practical solutions Plan with more ease for the future Take practical action steps to align with your path and desires

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