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Shamanic Soul Care

What to expect...

Do you feel stuck, lost or unsure of where to go next? Do you feel like a piece of you is missing? Have you tried therapy and counseling, yet still struggle with certain traumas? Would you like to take a proactive step towards your personal healing? Leaning on my ancestral medicine, I practice a blend of Celtic and Norse shamanism. With Shamanic Soul Care, I am able to use spiritual tools and heart-centered listening to decipher what sometimes can’t be articulated. We’ll work together to help heal soul wounds and facilitate progress and movement on your personal growth journey. In this way, we can work on filling your personalized spiritual toolkit. This type of spiritual work can include: Shamanic Journeying Soul Retrieval Soul Reconnection Working With Your Spirit Guides Space Clearing Crystals Essential Oils Numerology Rune Reading Integration

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